Admission to service

Procedure for Admission of Candidates to serve in Internal Affairs structure and Requirements

 Citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan, who have not under 18 years of age and until 30, including secondary, specialized secondary or higher education, good health or physical training duties is accepted to serve.

At the same time, boys should not be less than 165cm, girls less than 160cm; boys must have completed military service in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan or military service in mobilization reserve, or have been trained in special military faculty in higher education institutions. The competition is held for existing vacancies. Vacancies are posted on the official website of the internal affairs structure not later than ten days before the competition.The ad contains the date and place of the contest, the list of documents to be submitted, the procedures for admission to the service and the established benefits.Citizens who applied before or after the deadline will not be included in the candidate list.Admission is made in the following order:First selection - initial interview, psychological study, assessment of general physical training level;

The final choice is individual interviews.

The results of each stage of the first selection will be announced. Candidates who fail one of the tests will be suspended from registration and will not be allowed to the next.

Candidates will be given a referral to the Military Medical Commission for the purpose of determining their serviceability during the preparation of the relevant documents.

The complete collection of personal files will be finalized and the candidates selected by the Special Medical Commission as eligible candidates and will be put to the final selection. In the final selection, as a rule, at least two candidates must be present for the same position.

Candidates who have successfully passed the final selection will be recruited by the final decision of internal affairs structure selection committee.

The order of granting privileges and preferences to certain categories of candidates

Children of enforcement officers and military service officers, who died in the line of duty, are admitted to the service of the internal affairs structures in the event of successful passage of the first selection, the registration of personal documents in the prescribed manner and their medical service.

Sportsmen, who have taken 1st place in the country, 1-3 place in individual and team tournaments in international sport competitions, who have a degree or diploma, have graduated from higher educational institutions with a honor diploma are drawn up in accordance with the established procedure. In the case of recognition, after the individual interview with a psychologist, he / she will be admitted to the service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the basis of final selection.


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