History of the Tashkent city Department of Internal Affairs

The Tashkent police is created with the "October events". On November 18, 1917, the Council of People's Commissars of Turkestan Province decided to establish the Red Guards in the Councils of Workers 'and Soldiers' Assistants. They were entrusted with such tasks as personal and property protection of citizens.
In accordance with the decision of the Central Executive Committee of February 16, 1919, Frans Yanovich Sirul was appointed 1st Head of the Tashkent city Department of Defense.
Mirkomil Mirsharipov headed squad formed in the old city in 1918-1919. Such a squad in the new part of the city was led by D.G. Shpilkov.
From 1917 to 1933 there were two police departments in Tashkent.
In 1920-1930, two new independent criminal investigation units were established in Tashkent - city and district departments. The Tashkent district criminal investigation department was headed by Kurban Mahmudov, and the other by Mikhail Zinkin.
In 1930-1940, Tashkent city police officers made a significant contribution to the reconstruction of the economy not only of Tashkent, but of Uzbekistan as a whole.
At the end of 1941, in 1942, there were six districts in Tashkent: Kirov, Kuibyshev, Lenin, October, Stalin and Frunze. Departments, divisions and units of the Tashkent city militia worked during the war, both on the front and inside the country.
In the late 1950s and 1960s, the Tashkent City Police Department became part of the Public Order Department (then the Council of People's Commissars was called the Public Order Department).
In 1965, the Tashkent City Department of Public Order was renamed the Department of Internal Affairs of the Tashkent City Council.

In the 1970s and 1990s, the composition of the city police expanded further.
Due to independence in 1991, a new era began in the history of our country, as well as in the field of internal affairs.
According to the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 90 from March 29, 1993, the name "Tashkent city executive committee of Internal Affairs" was changed to "Tashkent city Department of Internal Affairs".
As in every family, society and state, the first leaders played a special role in the development of the capital's militia. The leaders who made a worthy contribution to the work of the Tashkent city police were:


1947-1951-yy. colonel Alexey Nikolaevich Voronov;

1951-1955-yy. lieutenant general Rodinov Dmitry Gavrilovich;

1955-1959-yy. major-general Iskandar Kalandarovich Kalandarov;

1959-1960-yy. colonel Ismoilov Zhura Ismoilovich;

1960-1968-yy. major-general Toshmetov Abduzhalil;

1968-1972-yy. major-general Imomov Zunnur Imomovich;

1972-1974-yy. major-general Isaev Yekub Musayevich;

1974-1984-yy. major-general Sattorov Islom Gapporovich;

1984-1985-yy. lieutenant-colonel Abdullaev Erkin Abdullayevich;

1985-1989-yy. colonel Klapushevsky Vladimir Filippovich;

1989-1991-yy. major-general Kamolkhuzhaev Zhabbor Yunusovich;

1991-1994-yy. major-general Gafurov Komiljon Gafurovich;

1994-1998-yy. major-general Norgitov Erkin Norsodikovich;

1998-1999-yy. major-general Khidiraliev Komiljon Khidiralievich;

1999-2001-yy. major-general Ravshan Haidarov;

2001-2002-yy. colonel Azizov Abdusalom Abdumavlonovich;

2002-2006-yy. major-general Kodirov Gayrat Toirovich;

2006-2011-yy. colonel Nakibov Kovulkhon Usmankhanovich;

2011-2012-yy. colonel Ibragimov Abror Alimovich;

2012-2015-yy. major-general Adilov Mirsamad Agzamovich;

2015-2018-yy. major-general Kurbanov Bahodir Nizamovich;

2018-2020-yy. major-general Dzhuraev Rustam Mirzayevich.

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