18 December 2019 Год 1797

About the visit of the delegation of the US State Department to the units of the Police Department of Tashkent

During the official visit to our country, the delegation of the US State Department headed by Andrew Fender, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Labor of the Republic of Uzbekistan visited a number of departments of the Police Department of the capital.

The delegation visited one of the internal affairs departments of the Tashkent Police Department, where it got acquainted with the conditions created there and its activities. The guests were told about the work carried out by the internal affairs bodies of Tashkent to prevent human trafficking, to protect women from harassment and violence of women.

The members of the delegation were particularly interested in information about the activities of prevention inspectors for women's affairs working in each department of internal affairs of the districts of Tashkent and providing legal assistance, assisting in social support for residents of mahallas who find themselves in a difficult life situation. It was explained that assistance is provided not only to women and girls who are subjected to physical or psychological violence, raising children alone, but also to those who do not have relatives, need qualified medical care, but due to various circumstances can not go to doctors on their own, as well as those who want to do business at home or get a profession. It was noted that in order to effectively solve many problems faced by residents of mahallas, it is necessary to involve other interested state bodies and public structures. Especially in cases when a woman finds herself in a difficult life situation and needs not only legal, legal assistance, support from psychologists, but also a temporary shelter. More detailed information about this was provided to the guests by employees of the Center for Rehabilitation and Adaptation of Women Affected by Violence and Suicide Prevention (shelters) under the Women's Committee of Tashkent.

The guests gave a positive assessment to the work of psychologists of the psychological support group of the Tashkent City Police Department, who are in every district of the city. It was emphasized that psychological support by psychological inspectors is provided not only to employees of internal affairs bodies, but also to the population. In particular, emergency psychological assistance and rehabilitation for psychological injuries are provided, conversations and trainings are held aimed at preventing family and domestic violence. It was noted that recently people have become more likely to turn to psychological inspectors for advice, including on the issues of raising children, which indicates the increased confidence of the population in the internal affairs bodies.

Having visited the Center for Social and Legal Assistance to Minors of the Tashkent City Police Department and heard information about its activities, the guests highly appreciated the arrangement of the center, the design of the premises and, in general, the work of the institution, where children aged three to 18 years, left without adult care for various reasons, are waiting for a decision on their future fate and undergo social adaptation under the supervision of social workers.

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