7 April 2020 Год 2092

The Tashkent city Police Department discussed the experience of the Chinese police during the fight against the coronavirus pandemic

At the initiative of the leadership of the Tashkent city Police Department, the head of the law enforcement agency met with the official representative of the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China in Uzbekistan, Mr. Liu Tongping.

During the meeting, representatives of the delegation of the People's Republic of China outlined in detail the action plan of the forces of the Ministry of Public Security and departments, public organizations involved in measures to counter the spread of the disease, thanks to which it was possible to reduce the infection of the population with coronavirus to almost zero. Special emphasis was placed on the requirements for the civilian population in quarantine conditions. So, a regime of strict self-isolation was introduced, residents of In Wuhan, one representative of the household was allowed to go out once every three days to buy food and medicines, and a special permit was issued for this purpose.

The Chinese side positively assessed the efforts of the Government of our country made in the first days of identifying people infected with coronavirus infection. In particular, the suspension of public transport, a ban on the movement of people and vehicles that are not anti-epidemic, regular notification of citizens about the situation in the city, the number of infected people and their condition, as well as support for socially vulnerable segments of the population and close interaction with the media.

At the same time, colleagues from the People's Republic of China, based on the experience of fighting the pandemic, have made a number of recommendations that will increase the effectiveness of measures to curb the spread of coronavirus.

The meeting was held in the spirit of mutual understanding and interest of representatives of law enforcement agencies of the two friendly states.

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