6 March 2020 Год 1629

The delegation of the Zhengzhou Public Security Department got acquainted with the activities of the Tashkent city Police Department

During an official visit to Uzbekistan, a delegation of the Department of Public Security of Zhengzhou (People's Republic of China), headed by the first deputy head of the Department Zhang Shujun, visited the Department of internal Affairs of one of the districts of Tashkent.

The guests were provided with information about the activities of the Department for Ensuring Safe Tourism of the Tashkent City Police Department, established in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated March 6, 2019 "On additional measures for the effective implementation of the public safety system at transport and tourism facilities", the goals and main tasks of the Department. Colleagues from the People's Republic of China visited the places most visited by tourists, where they had the opportunity to get acquainted with the historical monuments of Tashkent and the work of the Department's employees directly in the line of duty.

The guests also visited one of the departments of internal affairs of the capital, where they got acquainted with the created conditions for employees and citizens. They were told about the reforms in the police department of the capital, about the technical equipment of the department, including the modern information and communication technologies introduced here. Representatives of the Zhengzhou Public Security Department were presented with the automotive equipment of emergency services stationed on the territory of the department.

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