Abdullaev Bekmurod Tozhimirzaevich

Deputy of Head of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Tashkent, colonel

Was born in 1975 in the Yangikurgan district of Namangan region.

He graduated from the Samarkand Higher Military Command School of Engineering and then Namangan State University.

He started his career in internal affairs in 1993.

Labor activity:

1997-2001 - Deputy Commander of the Samarkand Higher Military Transport Command School of the Ministry of Defense, Commander of a cadet platoon.

2001-2018 - Senior officer of the military training department, First Deputy Commander of a military unit, chief of staff. He worked in various positions in Tashkent city Main Department of Internal Affairs. 

Since October 2018 - Deputy Head of the Main Department of Tashkent city Internal Affairs. Head of the Department of Finance and Material Support.